Anonymous asked: "where is blue moon canyon?"

*steve rogers voice* Is this a test?

Ok, but really. I haven’t played TRN in a while so my first thought was Colorado because that’s where Copper Gorge was and It would make sense for Jake’s mine to be nearby. But then I went an arglefumph walkthrough in order to double check.

You go through the awesome light show in Jake’s workshop car and the map is pulled up and there’s a light pointing right at where his mine is. image

ok great but unless you expect me to go pour over topographic maps of the western united states in order to find something that matches, this doesn’t help at all. But since we now know that Jake’s mine is in Brimstone Canyon, which is near/part of Blue Moon Canyon, we can safely assume they’re in the same place.

But then Nancy goes to Lori and tells her about what she found so Lori can get the engineer to take them there and


tl;dr, Nevada. It’s in Nevada


still waiting for my modern nancy drew tv show with just the right mix of feel good mystery-ness and heartbreakingly painful character development


nancy drew name meanings


all right unpopular opinion time: i don’t get the obsession with the hades and persephone myth? i mean yeah, it’s a pretty interesting story i guess and this game looks like it’s gonna be awesome but i just don’t get why that myth in particular is so popular, particularly here on tumblr

If schooners, islands and maroons,
And buccaneers, and buried gold,
And all the old romance, retold
Exactly in the ancient way;
Can please, as me they pleased of old,
The wiser youngsters of today;
~~ So be it, and fall on!

          Robert Louis Stevenson


Places I want to visit on Deception Island

omigosh you made it look so real ilu


I want there to be a Nancy Drew theme park. You could stay at Castle Finster and there could be rides from the Captain Cove, you could go on rides on Katie’s boat, go to the Scoop, there could be shows in the theatre from Final Scene, and see Nancy’s house which would be like Cinderella’s Castle in Disney and you would get chosen to stay there. And you’d just stay and solve mysteries and the mini games should be actual phone apps, and I think about this too much.

do not hold me responsible for anythign i say or do past 1am because i am a different person then and i’m just gonna leave this here

do not hold me responsible for anythign i say or do past 1am because i am a different person then and i’m just gonna leave this here






stay tuned for danger more like stay tuned for dwayneger

the haunted carous-ellliot


stay tuned for dwayneger

secret of the sinclaire-let hand

the haunted carous-ellliot

d-andy-ger on deception island

secret of shorty-dow ranch

Minette by Design

the white wolf of yanni-cicle creek

Ransom of the Seven Dwaynes