differencedetective asked: "Favorite actor(s)? Favorite actress(es)? Favorite movie(s)? Favorite TV show(s)?"

Fav Actor(s):

Mads Mikkelsen

Rami Malek

Sebastian Stan

Troy Baker

Tom Hardy

Andrew Scott


Katie McGrath

Holland Roden

Caroline Dhavernas

Evangeline Lily

Anne Hathaway

Marion Cotillard

Julie Andrews

Dame Judi Dench

Rachel Weisz 

again there are so manyyyyyyyyy

Movies and TV shows are already done

differencedetective asked: "When is your birthday? What is a favorite birthday memory of yours? Best gift you've ever received? Any gifts you want?"

D.O.B: November 29th (Sagittarius yEAH)

Gosh…I don’t really have any favorite birthday memories….I’ve never been big on birthdays, even as a little kid, so everything was pretty low key. I’ll give you one of my worst though: I was sick with the flu, menstruating, had a fever of 103 and the only things that i had to entertain myself was the twilight series. (Although i’m pretty sure my fever made those books a lot more enjoyable than they would normally be because everything was funny)

Best gift…hmmm….wow, I really don’t know. My parents generally give me a gift card/set amount of money and tell me to go get whatever i want within that price limit. Hmmm…Well, one of my friends did give me some of her artwork, and I always love it when my friends draw me things uwu

Any gifts that I want….my own personal laptop. the one that i’m always utilizing is technically a family one…oops 

sucrosecookie asked: "Favorite non-ND related movies and TV shows?"

Movies: CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, The Mummy, X-Men: First Class, The Iron Giant, ParaNorman, oh man there are a ton of other ones but those are the first few i can think of

TV shows: THE PACIFIC, BAND OF BROTHERS, Hannibal, Sleepy Hollow, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Bob’s Burgers, Arrested Development, oh my gosh again, there’s a hella lot of others but if I listed all of my favorite tv shows and movies we’d be here for a very very long time

differencedetective asked: "What is your favorite food for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and dessert respectively?"

Ehhhh, I’m not big on breakfasts, but I suppose a croissant with nutella is pretty good (that or some basic cheerios)

Lunch: a toasted salami, tomato, mozzarella and basil sandwich

Dinner: Pretty much anything chinese ohhh man i love chinese food (unless it has fish in it)



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okay but MED is really going to be

the sonny joon experience


Can we please talk about how action packed this entire game is going to be???????? 

verbjectives asked: "Francy, Roaring 20s AU"

"What’re ya drinkin’, Hardy?" Nancy looked over to him expectantly. They had already lost Joe and Bess, who had lost no time in heading to the dance floor and beginning to swing and sway to the jazzy brass music.

Frank cocked his head and raised his eyebrows. “Now I may be all wet, but last I heard the giggle water was illegal.” 

She rolled her eyes at him. “Well, we are in a speakeasy. An illegal establishment,” she pointed out. Grabbing a bottle off the bar, she held it up and grinned at Frank. “When in Rome.”

nancydrewyousosilly asked: "no I understand I can barely ship something if it's not completely depressing I'm just attracted to pain and suffering I guess"

oh my god i knowwwww it’s baddddd

i mean i have exceptions to the rules because i do have some really fluffy, puppies, sunshine and rainbows ships that give me cavities

but most of the time it’s just dirt, and blood, and emotional constipation/trauma

basically: if i can’t cry about it, it’s not worth my investment.